The Land Bridge

by Dead Work



This song will be released for download on a compilation coming out soon by The Dark Skies Above Us collective.

Excerpt from A Sand County Almanac, by Aldo Leopold.


Clear water flows from the highest of mountains
Cutting its way through the deepest of canyons
Silenced by none as it heads towards the sea
Life carried forth with abundance and ease
Creature soon stir as the snow creeps away
Forsaking the safety to bask in the day
Trees spring from slumber, acre by acre
Free from the sins of both and and his savior

Red hands, razed lands
Is this our magnum opus
Destroying all that's seen
A sick display of mans dominion
Dark skies, pale eyes
See past our fleeting moment
Blink once and disappear
To leave behind a shattered being

Look inwards, to find
The face that stares back you
Indifference, in time
Shall be your final tomb
The future, you turn to
Had been consumed by flames
The past that, you turn from
Had long spelled out your doom

I think it's time we take a claim for our actions
Instead of shirking every chance for commitment
We must admit that we're the whole fucking problem
Before we ever choose to stand up and fix it
We must destroy those whom our misery stems
(Red hands, razed lands, is this our magnum opus, destroying all that's seen a sick display of mans dominion
Dark skies, pale eyes, see past our fleeting moment, blink once and disappear, to leave behind a shattered being)


released January 8, 2017




Dead Work Boulder, Colorado

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